Welcome To ‘My Friends’

My Friends is an alternative social media platform similar to Facebook but without all the nonsensical restrictions and censorship, supports free speech and doesn’t invade your privacy. You get to choose what is shown to the world and what is not, what is kept private, and what is shared with friends.


At My Friends we believe in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers.  With that said we provide this platform in support of your right to free speech.  We believe that the purpose of free speech should allow everyone to share thoughts openly, challenge ideas, inspire creativity and nurture the mind.


Our preferences to politics, religion, gender, etc. have no bearing on what you want to discuss with your family, friends, colleagues or foes.  We simply provide a online social platform to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions within legal, moral, and safe guidelines.


My Friends will not collect or sell your information. Your information is yours!  Any information you provide on your personal page is yours and yours alone.  We won’t resell to advertisers or data mine any of your posted content or personal information for any purpose.


On Facebook, you’re the product. They collect personal information about you, such as info about your life, your likes, dislikes, images and more, then make money by selling it to third parties so they can show you ads or products you might be interested in. Many other social media companies do this as well.


At My Friends, advertisements will be done the old fashion way, sold by clicks and/or ad impressions, and not dished out via your browsing history, or using any tracking means or methods.


If you are tired of Facebook’s censorship, rules and intrusive data collection, then we invite you to join My Friends today!